C.B. bizman Jeff awaits trial on domestic assault charge

By A. Frank Grunt

The thin veneer of Facebook cannot hide the fact that Sydney businessman Jeff McDonald, 39 (DOB June 17, 1981) continues to wend his way through the courts on charges of domestic assault and mischief.

Jeffrey Garland McDonald, formerly of Riverview Rural High School, is owner of a number of Cape Breton businesses, including: Aucoin Renovations Ltd.; Stone Brothers Plumbing & Heating Ltd.; and Advanced Insulation Services Ltd. As well, Clover Electric, and, of course, The Gutter Shop, subsidiaries of Aucoin Renovations.

It’s been a long & winding courthouse road for poor Jeffrey. Going back to late January 2019. It is alleged that on January 28 Jeffrey smashed to the ground the water bottle of wiferoo Tracey (Mombourquette) McDonald, his bride of about 15 years, the mother of his four young children. Three girls and a boy, ages 4 to 13.

And further, on or about, February 1, 2019, “did commit an assault on Tracey Mombourquette.” So far, poor Jeffrey has made numerous court appearances before various judges, including Judge Bill Digby and Judge Alan Tufts.

He pleaded not guilty to the charges on March 19 last year.

A scheduled August trial was adjourned to September, then adjourned to February, and is now adjourned to June 9. (Running out the clock? — ed.)

An emergency protection order is also in court files.

Sydney lawyer Tony Mozvik originally stick-handled Jeff McDonald’s defence, but the accused may have since moved on to Leigh Davis of the Halifax family law boutique firm Davis Reierson. Co-workers say Tracey Mombourquette, a provincial social worker, is as “buttoned down as they come,” a loving mother whose “self-esteem has taken a beating these last few years.” Tracey, 39ish, is about five-foot five, 120 pounds and enjoys aerobics.

Jeff is about six-foot-two, 225 pounds and enjoys NASCAR, the Boston Bruins and beer. He likes wearing the pants in the family.

Tracey and the four kids have since safely moved to Coxheath, across Sydney River, away from what was the matrimonial home at 65 Kent Court, Sydney Forks.

That pile businessman Jeff built about 10 years ago. It is assessed at $325,000.

The home and $564,000 mortgage from the TD are in Jeff’s name only.

The in-ground swimming pool, the grandiose pool table, the 20-foot garage with all the toys, the endless inventory of Boston Bruins sports memorabilia, are the mark of a man living quite comfortably; a man, who likes to be in charge, obsessed with a love of show cars, Corvettes, Camaros, dirt bikes, red Jeeps, ATVs, Skidoos, tiny little man tractors, and basically anything that comes with a combustion engine.

Yeah, obsession is a good word. Conspicuous consumption is a good phrase. Success must be showcased for all to note.

And to navigate your way through Jeff McDonald’s Facebook — oh, it’s all so lovely, all so neat and tidy, all so ribbons & rainbows, all so preciously Norman Rockwell, so wonderfully Brady Bunch.

Every picture is so awesome, so beautiful, so “looking good.” Every utterance is so deep, so ripe with knowledge, so overflowing with wisdom.

Nary a mention of allegedly thumping your wife. Allegedly.