Good morning, Mr. Frank: Who is Andrew Younger?

“Good morning, boys and girls...”

“Good morning, Mr. Frank!”

“OK. Where did we leave off, Reggie?”

“I, um, I don’t know, Mr. Frank.”

Alright then, Veronica, where should we pick up?”

“Pick up? Pick up, Mr. Frank? Did I drop something?

“OK. OK. Who knows the name Andrew Younger? Betty?”

“Yes, Mr. Frank, Andrew Younger is the former N.S. cabinet minister who resigned from Premier Stephen McNeil’s cabinet after his life went down the toilet.”

“Can you be anymore vague, Betty?”

“No, Mr. Frank, that’s the best I can do.”

“OK, Archie, would you like to pick up on that thought?”

“Yes, sir, Andrew Younger resigned as energy minister after allegedly getting death threats, and later it was alleged that his close Liberal friend Tara Gault assaulted him.”

“Exactly. Thank you. What else do we know about Andrew Younger. What do you know Jughead?”

“Andrew Younger used to be former Halifax MP Mary Clancy’s driver during the 1997 federal election. But she canned Mr. Younger claiming he exhibited a pathology she neither understood nor was comfortable with.”

“Thank you, Jughead, and did you know that Andrew Younger also went on to work for CBC Halifax.”

“Yes, Mr. Frank, I knew that. And I also know that when Mr. Younger was working for CBC Halifax he almost caused a mistrial at the Gerry Regan Trial...”

“What Gerry Regan Trial?”

“Shut up, Veronica....”

“The one where the 19th premier of the Province of Nova Scotia was accused of being an insatiable sexual predator. That Gerry Regan Trial.”

“Thank you, Jughead, continue please.”

“Well, Mr. Younger was hired to be a researcher during the Gerry Regan Trial, However early on in the trial he engaged in conversation with a juror...”

“And what happened?”

“The juror was promptly chucked and, with equal dispatch the CBC dumped researcher Younger.”

“Thank-you Jughead. Well done.”

“And I did good, too, didn’t I, Mr. Frank?”

“Yes, Veronica you did good, too. Class dismissed.”

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