Ryan Rozicki's bad day

By T. Kayoe

On Tuesday, February 18, Ryan Rozicki and his dad, Bobby Currie, held court at CBC in Sydney with Mainstreet host Wendy Bergfeldt.

The so-called Valentine’s Day Massacre had taken place the previous Friday night at Centre 200, during which the WBC International Silver Cruiserweight champion had soundly defeated challenger Vladimir Reznicek. Retired CBC sports broadcaster Doug Saunders was there, and described the 3rd-round knockout punch Rozicki delivered that night as the best left hook he’d seen since Bernardo Mercado “put Halifax’s Trevor Berbick into a deep sleep 41 years ago.” Of the atmosphere surrounding the fight, Wendy said that it felt like there was something different in the air.

“It felt like it hit critical mass on Friday,” she said.

“It felt like, this is the one that captured the broader public’s imagination.”

Ryan and his father agreed.

Currently among the top 100 welterweights in the world, Ryan said he wants to be fighting someone in the top 10 within a year. But he acknowledged that “anything can happen.” About a month later, as you likely already know, “anything” happened.

On March 14, police were called to a domestic incident in Sydney Forks. Upon their arrival, sources said CBRP had a “huge takedown” on their hands.

“They had a helluva time getting him in the car,” I heard the following day.

“He had to be tazed,” before he was taken to the Cape Breton Correctional Facility.

His longtime girlfriend Dionne Dermody refused to speak to me when I got her on the phone that day.

“How about you fuck off and leave me alone?” Dionne said when asked for clarity on why Ryan is spending the weekend in jail.

“Don’t call me back again.”

Charged with assault and assault by choking against Dionne, and an additional count of mischief — he’s alleged to have smashed the window of Dionne’s 2006 Honda Civic — he was released on strict conditions following a bail hearing on Monday, March, 16 after spending the weekend in the Cape Breton Correctional Facility. Ryan had Sydney lawyer Nash “The Slash” Brogan in his corner for that appearance.

His aunt Janine Muller signed a $5,000 bond and Ryan signed a $1,000 bond.

He must stay away from Dionne, and not be within 1,000 feet of her residence. He must reside with Aunt Janine at 450 Rudderham Road in Point Edward, and check in with the CBRP every Tuesday, along with the usual staying away from drugs and alcohol.

He has to abide by a curfew while he’s in the province, and notify CBRP 24 hours in advance if he’s gonna leave the province. That last condition is obviously in anticipation of his next scheduled fight, originally scheduled for May 2 in Hamilton. Because of COVID-19, Hamilton-based promoter Daniel Otter’s Three Lions Promotions has now pushed it to June.

News reports from Upper Canada say Three Lions, at least up until a few years ago, had Hells Angels member Trevor Pittman of Hamilton and HA associate Christopher Jackson on the payroll, but that’s another story altogether.

For the last three years local media has made much of the fact that Ryan’s street brawling days are behind him – ground that was trod once again on that Mainstreet interview in February – but Frank has often been called upon to set the record straight on that count.

A short time after turning pro in 2017, he was charged with assaulting a bouncer at the Liquor Dome, a charge for which he was later convicted.

And that summer, sources say his fists were responsible for a traumatic brain injury inflicted upon a Sydney chef.

“Why can’t you report on the good things I’m doing, training all these kids without getting paid?” Ryan asked Frank at the time.

While kicking the bushes for this current story, another incident came to my attention.

It was a Saturday night at the Capri Club a few months ago in Sydney. Ryan, big man about town, accused a 19-year-old fellow of cutting in line.

The young guy, knowing full well who he was dealing with, is said to have ceded his place in line without argument. Later in the evening, he even bought the Bruiser a drink. But at closing time, Rozicki and a friend were outside waiting for the young fella anyway. The kid was roughed up, but he’s OK. And he doesn’t want to talk about it, for fear of once again falling on the wrong side of the former Pride of Cape Breton’s hair-trigger temper.

Provincial Court records also note Ryan is due to appear in court in Port Hawkesbury May 5 on two charges under the Motor Vehicle Act, for driving a motor vehicle without a licence and driving without insurance.

He’s due back in court on the domestic assault matter in Sydney on June 11 for election and plea.